Chris Mensah


Chris Mensah, a native Washingtonian, has an offering of over 12 years in the tattoo industry. In this time, Chris has worked at multiple shops around the area including Northeast Tattoo, Porttown Tattoos, Black Ink, and Paradise Tattoo. Developing a style of his own, Chris has always sought to make a statement as a black artist – YES! There are quality artists who specialize in and care about inking darker skin. In keeping with his mission, Chris has drawn inspiration from the works and actions of his parents, Maria Velez (the Holy Trinity), Sandar B. Williams, KRS-One, Bob Marley, Aaron Harris, Tom Renshaw, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Marcus Garvey to name a few.

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Imani K Brown

Imani K


I’m Imani K. Brown, iPukeKawaii- tattoo artist and illustrator. Having been featured in a few publications for my tattoo art, affectionately known as INKPLAY, I now work in the States at Pinz-n-Needlez Tattoo and TNS Tattoo in Osaka, Japan. My creative house, Indian Pussy Brand (イッピーブランド) houses all of my INKPLAY tattoos, illustration, and Japanese/ kawaii lifestyle interests. I have been tattooing for over 10 years and specialize in fine line detail, with a special panache for whimsical lines, script, and Japanese inspired art.

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Artist Darryl Bennett


Darryl “TokyoThirteen” Bennett is a painter, illustrator, street artist, graphic designer and tattoo apprentice. Darryl is born and raised in Washington DC, with a artistic background ranging from fine arts to digital art. Darryl has been pushing his creative brand TokyoThirteen Arts with T-shirts, stickers, art shows and street art.

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